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6 Tips For Choosing A Builder For Your New Home

How To Choose A Builder

There are many home builders on the Gold Coast. How do you know who is right for you?

You won’t make many investments as important as building your new home, so you want to find the right builder for the job.

We have 6 tips to help you with your decision. Thanks to the internet, much of the selection process is literally at your fingertips.

Ask People

As obvious as this seems, you’d be surprised how many people overlook the value of their own network. Friends, family, colleagues… often they know someone who knows someone. Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing. Ask about the experiences others had when building their homes. Ask about the good, the bad and the ugly. You’ll then have inside information. And no one is really going to lose sleep if you decide not to act on a recommendation.

Research Online

Google ‘home builders Gold Coast’. Look through the search results. The little ‘Ad’ icon tells you which companies have paid Google advertising to help lift them into prominent positions. Among those with paid ads, are builders who might also appear in Google’s own list of local businesses. This list can be accessed by clicking/tapping the map. Exclude builders who don’t build the type or style of home you want. Read the reviews. Fake reviews are possible, but more recently, it’s become very difficult to post fake reviews. Be a little wary if the reviews are aged.

Check Out Project Galleries

Most builders have their own websites, usually featuring a portfolio or project gallery where you can see photographic examples of their work. This makes for good research into the builders you have shortlisted and gives you a feel for their design style and the quality of their work. Take a look at our Gallery at AT Constructions.

Check Online Directories

Investigate online directories. Localsearch makes it easy. Enter ‘Gold Coast’, then type in your search term, in this case: ‘home builders’. Within seconds, you’ll be looking at a healthy list of builders in your area. You can read reviews and details about businesses that interest and click through to their websites.

Social Media

Add the terms Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to your Google search. This will generate search results for social media accounts that builders have created. Follow these links to see content with plenty of images and reviews. As with all your online searches, don’t forget to check the location. At some point, you may be looking at home builders who are not in your area. The reasons for this vary, but a quick checking of the contact details will confirm.

Compare Emails or Phone Calls

Contact your shortlisted home builders. Ask them about their process. Be helpful. Detail your requirements for the build. They would need to know about the building site — level, sloping, cleared; easy access from the road or more difficult access. Describe your house, for example: one level, 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, with a garage. Perhaps you could send through a copy of plans. You might also ask for the address and details of similar houses they’ve recently built, so you can go and check out their work. What you are looking for is a response from a prospective builder that you could work with, that leaves you feeling confident. If you find communications difficult, perhaps that builder is not for you.


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