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How Frank Lloyd Wright Continues to Inspire Luxury Homes Today

What Makes A Luxury Home?

Is it the space? The view? The attention to detail? Or is it something less tangible? In
1893, world-famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright founded what he called The
Prairie style and began designing homes and buildings to suit the distinctly
American landscape around him. That’s because he noticed so much of the
architecture in his own country was based on European designs – he felt the USA
needed its own expressive designs to cultivate a sense of identity that was
entirely American.


His work frequently used dramatic
horizontal lines and sprawling space, reminiscent of America’s vast plains and
history. He referred to this philosophy of design as ‘organic architecture’ and
changed the world of building design forever. This concept of designing homes
to suit the surrounding environment and country at large is a big part of what
we do at AT Constructions. When it comes to luxury home builders on the Gold
Coast, we are the team for you.

Organic Architecture

Humans are continuing to transform the
natural world to suit our needs and desires. From roads and drainage systems,
to telecommunications and plumbing – unnatural structures and fixtures are
found everywhere you look. Organic architecture is a design principle that
seeks to create harmony between a building and its surrounding environment.
Frank Lloyd Wright believed that architecture should be inspired by nature and
ensure a smooth sense of flow through the property. From homes and offices to
museums and skyscrapers, Frank Lloyd Wright brough this sentiment to every job
he was given. This notion of ‘organic architecture’ is a major aspect of luxury
homes built on the Gold Coast. Ensuring flexibility and adaptability in every
design, our team can create a home that matches your vision as well as your

Of The Hill

Frank Lloyd Wright once said that a
home should not be positioned on a hill, but of the hill. That is to
say, man-made structures should abide by their environment, not the other way
around. This flexibility in design helps create homes that are not only
one-of-a-kind, but also intrinsically linked to the natural world their
situated in. With the Gold Coast’s vast and varied landscapes, there’s no end
to the ways you can make a home that is truly personalised and seamlessly
integrated. Our team will assess your land and help you create the home of your
dreams. This doesn’t just mean building a home that is aesthetically pleasing –
this is everything from lighting and space to flow and sound. We see
architecture as a form of art, where every piece matters.

If you would like to begin work on your dream home, contact AT Constructions at 0466 874 175.

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