Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive from our customers regarding our building and renovation services.

Absolutely you are welcome to inspect the site however when trades people are working for your safety always see the supervisor before entering the site.

The price will only change if changes are made mid way through the build/renovation and if there is existing damage that could not be seen with the naked eye eg structural damage by moister or termites.

Making a detailed list for each builder to quote on will ensure each quote includes the same scope of work and the same materials as this can vary significantly. Things that are not included in most quotes is structural items that can’t be seen until wall or some ceiling linings are removed. eg due to moisture or termite damage.

One main thing to consider when choosing a design is family size, and if you are having more children etc. Also consider if you like to entertain guests. Consulting your architect and visiting display homes will help in choosing design.

All new homes are required to have a 6 star energy efficiency rating. For existing homes you will see a financial gain if you invest in energy saving materials and devices eg solar panels, insulation led lighting and solar hot water.

Yes, all Builders and contractors with a valid QBCC number are checked for valid licenses. To find out more about a licensee you can visit Online Licence Search. which will give you information about the type of work they do, as well as their history (any disciplinary action).

With so many plans available flat blocks can easily accommodate a design that would suite most. So if its a bargain If looking at purchasing a sloping block a builder is recommended before purchase as the build will be more expensive.

Building a house will vary but generally a single story 4 bed 2 bath double garage will take approx 12 -14 weeks, double story add another 3 weeks. Things to consider is sloping blocks can add approx 2 weeks weather can also affect the build generally until the roof is completed.

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