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4 Key Renovation Tips From An Expert Builder

Home Renovation Tips

A renovation is one of the best ways to add value, style and function to your property. Whether it’s a new wraparound deck, a living room extension or a kitchen upgrade, a builder on the Gold Coast will provide personalised solutions that are tailored to your needs and budget. Roof restorations, fresh coats of paint, pergola roof lines—there are so many affordable ways to breathe new life into your home or business. Not only will a renovation improve your living or work situation, it will also make your property attractive to new buyers, should you want to sell in future. If you have a growing family, you can easily make room in your home by consulting with AT Constructions on the Gold Coast. Here are a few of our top renovation tips!

Home Extensions

There are many creative ways to extend your home and maximise your living space. Whether you want an en suite bathroom added to your master bedroom or need your dining room to flow seamlessly into the outdoor entertainment area—a licensed builder on the Gold Coast can make it happen. Extensions can easily add tens of thousands of dollars to the price of your home, as well as helping your living area function more smoothly.

Kitchen Renovation

From complete revamps and appliance replacements to new countertops and cabinetry, kitchens are one of the most commonly renovated areas of the home. That’s because they are primarily functional, but also provide a lot of room to get creative! Your kitchen shouldn’t just be a place you cook food, it should be the main focal point within the house. Talk to our builders on the Gold Coast about renovating your kitchen to maximise space and replace your existing fixtures.

Bathroom Renovation

Your bathroom should be a relaxing space where you can unwind, de-stress and pamper yourself. From replacing your existing vanity to complete rebuilds, bathroom renovations are relatively affordable and cost-effective, when you consider the value they bring to your life. A newly renovated bathroom is often a major selling point for buyers. Retiling, frameless shower screens—small changes can go a long way! The team at AT Constructions on the Gold Coast will make it happen.

Decks & Pergolas

Adding a deck or pergola to your home will change your life. From barbeques and dinner parties to quiet Sunday breakfasts with the family, a deck can turn unused space into the perfect area to relax, entertain and make the most of the beautiful Gold Coast weather. Utilise the timeless appeal of timber and create a deck or pergola that turns your house in to a home. There are so many design options and AT Constructions will walk you through the process to find the best one for you. C

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