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Do You Need A Builder To Complete Your Gold Coast House Extension or Home Improvement?

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Is It Time To Call In The Pros?

Have you ever started a home improvement project around your house and discovered you may have bitten off more than you can chew? Well, don’t feel too bad. It happens to a lot of DIYers.

If you’re planning a house extension or a home improvement project, you may be wondering if you should call in licensed Gold Coast home builders or tackle the project yourself? Okay, you may have successfully installed a pergola or some decks in your back yard and you still think you can handle the big stuff. But this type of project is very different. Let’s take a look at what’s involved and see if you need a licensed builder, or you’re okay to take it on.

Do You Have the Necessary Skills To Do A Home Improvement?

Most house extensions and a small or large improvement require a diverse skill set, which you may not possess. Now, experienced Gold Coast builders do have the skills and, expertise to complete every aspect of home improvement projects. Let’s face it, It’s what they do!

Sure, you may know how to change a light globe, or shut off your mains water, or hang that shelf in the laundry. But this does not mean you have the skills necessary to undertake a large, complicated project. And if you try to cut corners and do work beyond your skills, You could end up causing damage and increasing the project costs. How will that make you feel?

On the other hand, if you do want to save a little cash, there is nothing to stop you from completing some of the more basic work yourself. For example: You could finish off the project by preparing the surfaces and painting the walls, rather than leaving this to your contractor.


Do You Understand The Permits Required?

While you may be tempted to take out a wall and increase the space between two rooms, You could compromise the structural integrity of your home.  Your Gold Coast house extension is likely to require a permit to ensure that it complies with building codes and regulations (especially if you’re thinking of taking out that wall). And understanding the necessary permits can be challenging for most homeowners. 

However, experienced builders are familiar with the regulations and rules surrounding home improvements and house extensions. They can ensure that your project is compliant and safe.


Are You Qualified To Do A Home Improvement?

Most states have laws in place to ensure the safety of home improvements. This often means that unless you are qualified to work on the electrics and gas in your home, you are breaking the law if you try to do this as a DIY project.

Most Gold Coast building regulations restrict any work beyond plugging in appliances and changing light bulbs. Professional and qualified individuals know how to handle all the unseen problems waiting for you. Many aspects of plumbing are not restricted by safety laws. But if you don’t complete the work correctly, you could cause lots of damage with even a small leak. Worse still, that small leak could remain undetected for months or even years. And that means by the time the damage does become apparent, you may have to repair some very serious waterproofing issues.


Do You Have Access To Discounted Materials?

Most builders will be able to get quality building materials at trade prices. And even if you have a very reasonable hardware store in your area, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to match those prices. This means that while you may think you’re saving money, it’s actually costing you more, and you still have to do all the work. This can be very noticeable if you want to use expensive building materials like marble or granite. And what if these materials are not available locally? They still have to be found, purchased (not at trade prices) then transported to your Gold Coast building site.

A house extension or home improvement can be a very significant investment in your home. While it may be tempting to try to save some cash by doing the work yourself, this can sometimes be counterproductive. Not only will you have the stress and hassle of completing the work, but you could end up with the project costs spiralling out of control. An experienced professional has the skills and knowledge to ensure the work is completed correctly the first time. They have the expertise to know which materials should and should not be used, which Gold Coast permits are required and the most efficient construction techniques to use.

So, before you start to tackle a DIY project, it’s worth speaking to home builders for further advice and guidance. And that’s where I can help you. If you’d like to talk about your home improvement or house extension project with a Gold Coast builder who really cares about his work, Who doesn’t sign-off until you’re absolutely happy with the finished job. Then give me a call on 0466 874 175 and we’ll sit down and talk about what you want and How to make it happen.

I hope this article has been helpful in laying out what’s involved in a successful building project and how you can approach your Gold Coast home improvement or house extension. I look forward to hearing from you.

Aaron Thompson
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