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3 Reasons to Hire a Gold Coast Builder

No one knows more about living the good life in South East Queensland, from Southport to Tweed Heads, than home owners on the Gold Coast. Living this good life often hinges on the services ofa dependable Gold Coast builder.

AT Constructions has quickly become the Gold Coast builder of choice. After storming through to the finals the Project of the Year awards, we took out the coveted Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Housing award. Since then, we’ve been busy with our favourite people — our customers.

Let’s take a look at some of the standout reasons we are called into action…

The Custom-Built Gold Coast Residence

We have substantial experience in building homes that are sublimely out of the ordinary. Luxury homes… dream homes that are built to the specifications and preferences of our clientele. This is a big part of why AT Constructions came about.

The AT in AT Constructions stands for Aaron Thompson. Before founding his own company, Aaron excelled as a foreman on construction sites. His skills in project management — managing staff, budgets, and timeframes — are the driving force behind our fast growing reputation.

Aaron enjoys the challenge of taking projects through to completion, regardless of their scope. To make this happen within budget and on time, he has assembled a great team.

With 15 years’ experience as a carpenter behind him, Aaron hand-picked his team. Each tradie in the team has a high level of expertise and importantly, approaches every project, hoping to add it to their C.V.

Another pivotal factor at AT Constructions is our alliances with accomplished architects and draftsmen. This opens the door for harmonious site designs, functionality, and passive (natural) climate control, as well as achieving the aesthetics you desire.

Renovations for Gold Coast Properties

This impeccable custom-building attitude filters through to our renovation work. The expertise and experience at AT Constructions will help you achieve your goals in revamping your property. We also steer you toward the best outcomes when structural considerations cause a detour from the initial plans.

Along with working with you to investigate alternative ideas for your renovation, cost-effectiveness is always a priority in our renovation services. When and where appropriate, we reuse materials.

Extensions for Gold Coast Properties

Growing numbers of Gold Coast property owners are converting their garages and basement spaces.

These conversions are often generally light on structural change and result in additional bedrooms or home offices that bring added property value and practical benefits for owners.

More ambitious extensions include additional rooms and second-storey additions. The benefits are obvious — increased space, increased property value.

Not to be overlooked, outdoor spaces are also popular extensions. We specialise in creating harmonious junctures between indoor and outdoor spaces. This, after all, is the key to the good life here on the Gold Coast!

Every Project Is Unique

Don’t be surprised to have your expectations exceeded by AT Constructions. While there’s no doubt that we build quality homes, it’s our honest, transparent communications that build our all-important client relationships.

Start your building plans by getting in touch with us today.

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